Friday, June 18, 2004

Doing more

Schlindler’s List is perhaps one of the most difficult movies to watch because it so vividly portrays man’s inhumanity to man. It most tellingly shows the result of the fall and a world antagonistic to Christ and His love. Having said this, I must also add that it is avery profitable movie, for if one of its teachings is applied to us as Christians it will drive us to our knees for God’s mercy and forgiveness for our lack of concern for the lost. I am referring to the scene in which Oscar Schlindler is presented with a letter written by those whose lives he was instrumental in saving. In the letter they state what he did for them. Ezak Stern had once said that the list was life and that it was humanly speaking. You will recall that Oscar looks around and says "I could have gotten more out, I should have saved more, I wasted so much time and money. That car: Ammon always liked that car. He would have given me ten more people for that car. This Nazi party badge: it is made of gold. Two lives, at least one, he would have given me one!"

As Oscar breaks down we have but to wonder if perhaps one day we will stand before God and be handed a letter signed by those we have led to Christ and we will feel like Oscar. I should have done more! Yes I spent time doing religious things even good things, but so much of my study was unto winning debates and not unto serving others, especially the lost. Each of us must personalize this: I cannot do that for you. We are not all called to be great worldwide evangelists, but we can start where we are and with whom God places in front of us. A smile, a brief thought from God's Word, a kindness shown to someone who can never repay it. May it be said of us as it was of Jesus,"HE WENT ABOUT DOING GOOD."

In Christ,